Meet Our Wonderful Horses



Chipper, our "all purpose" chestnut quarter horse, has taught many beginners and is ridden often by our therapeutic students. He is great on the trail and is trained to stand for therapeutic students who use the Sure Hands lift (a mechanical lift that places the rider on the horse's back).



Apollo, our Haflinger pony, is a favorite of our students because of his charm, good looks, and cart-pulling abilities. He loves to give pony cart rides during our summer camps.



Dottie, a sturdy gray quarter horse, is quite versatile. She is ridden by beginner to advanced students. She is also often ridden by therapeutic students too and is in training to stand for the Sure Hands lift.


Chance, a striking Appaloosa, is one of our most versatile school horses. He is sweet and beautiful. He goes equally well in advanced beginner classes through advanced jumping classes.


Honey Pepper, a pretty Paint, is ridden mostly by therapeutic students.  She is calm, great on the trail, and she trained to stand quietly when the Sure Hands lift is used.



Pete, a handsome, blue-eyed Paint, is one of our more advanced school horses. He loves to jump, and riders love jumping him.


Oreo, a black and white Paint, was donated to our program recently and is fitting in well. He is ridden mostly by advanced students and is proving to have great potential for all aspects of our riding program.


Whisper, a handsome chestnut quarter horse with a beautiful flaxen mane and tail, is our longest serving school horse. He has taught lots of beginners the basics and is used often by therapeutic students. He also happens to be Chipper's best bud!